I’m Jonathan Hurtarte, a leading corporate graphic designer. I also occasionally moonlight as an independent freelancer and artist by night. The realm of my experience and expertise encompasses multi-media design, photography, video production, animated presentations, and various forms of art. I currently reside in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington D.C.

From the beginning to now.

I developed a creative passion very early on in life. My technique, inspiration, and creativity grew during my time at Syracuse University thanks to a full art scholarship. After Syracuse, I began to work intently on photography, which I’ve found to be an intricate part of marketing and design. As a full-time photographer for a private studio in central Maryland, I learned the art of capturing stunning indoor and outdoor photos and was able to work with a variety of clients across the Washington, D.C. area. 

I relocated to northern Virginia a little less than 10 years ago when I joined the ranks of fellow corporate graphic designers. My focus for many years has been on brand development and multi-media design. As part of a talented creative team at a global organization, I’ve been able to master various design tools, incorporate the latest trends into my projects, and “think outside of the box” on a regular basis. Within the last five years, I’ve added to my repertoire a certificate in web design and enhanced video production capability. 
Nowadays, when I don’t have a grid pocket notebook or camera on me (which isn’t often), I’m usually spending time with my family exploring this beautiful city or watching as many television drama series as I can.

Let’s get in touch.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working with diverse individuals to create inspiring works. I’d love to help you tell your story. If you’re looking for art and design that can leave lasting impressions for various audiences around the world, please contact me.